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  The space truss is flexible in shape and can be designed into various shapes. According to the different settings of web members, they can be divided into cross truss system, quadrangular pyramid system, triangular pyramid system and other systems. When the chord of the truss is perpendicular to the boundary, it is called a positive grid. When it is diagonally crossed with the boundary, it is called the inclined grid. Many grid structures have been successfully constructed in large and medium-sized roofs all over the world, such as the Canadian and Japanese Expositions, the Chicago Parliament Hall of the United States and the hangar in London, England, etc. The plane dimensions are very large, and the total steel consumption is relatively economical. The former Soviet Union also used prestressing force in the grid structures. In short, the grid structure has become one of the most popular new structures in the modern world. In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic computing technology, the problem of calculating high-order statically indeterminate structures of grid structures has been solved, which has promoted the rapid development of grid structures both in form and in practical engineering applications. At present, it is mainly used in large and medium-span public buildings, such as gymnasiums, hangars, clubs, exhibition halls and waiting halls. Small and medium-sized industrial factories have also begun to be popularized and applied. The larger the span, the more obvious the superiority and economic effect of adopting this structure.