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About Cpate Culture Chairman's Speech HONOR Elegant Demeanor
JiangSu BaFang Steel Structure Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.
Tengfei Road, Quanshan Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou

  Our Jiangsu Bafang Steel Structural Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is striving to achieve the enterprise goal of "high-quality brand of steel structure industry" and to go to the Great Wall of the motherland, both inside and outside the Great Wall, north and south of the Yangtze River, with the rich mountains, broad sea, honest and pragmatic quality, dedicated and innovative style, and the spirit of pursuing excellence and realizing leapfrog development. Strike the market and embrace the bright tomorrow.

  Over the past few years, the eight party steel structure has made great efforts to forge ahead and open up a new world. We adhere to the development strategy of "technology-based, diversified, leapfrog development, systematic operation" and "reputation-based, product-led, quality-based, service-guaranteed, price-leveraged and profit-centered" based on the principle of "no priority in entering the market". Sales concept, with a strong belief and perseverance to establish the product reputation and corporate image of octagonal steel structure, set up a beautiful and charming landscape in China's steel industry.

  We are willing to make friends all over the world with the same simplicity as mountains and the same mind as seas. We are more willing to be intimate with our friends, to be in touch with each other, to be hand in hand, and to March shoulder to shoulder towards the glorious future of the modernization of our motherland.

  The sea is vast with its vast and numerous rivers, and the mountains are magnificent with their thick and vicissitudes.