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JiangSu BaFang Steel Structure Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.
Tengfei Road, Quanshan Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou

  Software application:

  The existing calculation and design software SFCAD, steel structure and grid analysis and design software 3D3S, and steel structure calculation and design program PKPM are all the latest available versions.

  Quality of personnel:

  Professional and technical personnel in the ranks of senior, intermediate and junior titles are trapezoidal distribution, professional configuration is comprehensive. A professional design institute has been set up, which is engaged in the creative design of the project. It is responsible for the process control of construction drawing design, review and review, product development and manufacturing, and the research and innovation of construction technology for the design task of the enterprise, and manages the technological development of the enterprise in a centralized way. In each stage of project implementation, a certain number of professional technicians are also assigned to coordinate and deal with the technical problems in the process of project implementation, and implement the technical guidelines of enterprises.

  Professional level:

  Since 1988, when developing products of steel grid, reticulated shell and construction steel structure industry, enterprises have set up corresponding professional technical departments. From the beginning of production technology control to the later development of engineering construction and structure design and innovation of construction technology, they have actively studied and cooperated with relevant colleges and universities and relevant professional design institutes for more than 20 years. The accumulation of experience has trained a technical team with strong professional ability and high technical quality, and has a strong engineering design and analysis ability.