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  First, strictly control the quality of raw materials.

  Insist on purchasing on the list of qualified suppliers and dynamic management of registered suppliers. Structural steel, standard parts and welding materials must be subjected to batch material analysis and surface hardness testing, so that unqualified batches can not be warehoused and returned directly.

  Two. Strictly control the quality control points in the production process.

  Perfect production process, high frequency inspection and control to ensure product quality. The key control points of the structure include ultrasonic inspection of rod welds, computer aided calculation of bolt ball and so on. The processing and fabrication of the main components, such as rods, bolt balls, high strength bolts and supports, has implemented the quality control point control and enhanced the level of process control.

  Three. Strict quality tracking.

  In the process of production, mass quality tracking is carried out at a single station. The steel stamp number and construction order of steel components are implemented to the operator. The quality controller of the workshop cooperates with the full-time inspector to track and record the quality of steel components. User Quality Feedback Form is usually coordinated by the Quality Department, which reports to the Integrated Management Department of the company monthly according to the types of problems, treatment methods and treatment conclusions.